How do I collect my Kidney Evaluation Test sample?

Simply follow the instructions included in your kit. The steps for collection are also listed below. If you have any questions, you can contact our Member Support Team. Just call 1-855-923-2678 (TTY: 711). We’re available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time, excluding holidays.

The Kidney Evaluation Test includes urine collection and blood collection. Be sure that you pack both your urine and blood samples in the return envelope. Both samples must be returned, accurately collected, and dropped off for results to be shared. 

IMPORTANT: Samples must be shipped overnight. Please contact the shipping carrier listed on your return shipping label to schedule a pickup or find a drop-off point before you collect your sample. Details on sample packing and return can be found below.

Sample collection instructions (urine)

Use this kit just after you wake up, during your first urination of the day. Mail your sample the same day you collect it. 

  • DO NOT remove yellow caps on tubes.
  • DO NOT peel back yellow label on collection cup until you are ready to transfer your urine from the cup to the tube.
  • Use this kit before the “Exp Date” date printed on the outside of the kit.

Step 1: Fill out your information

Write your name, date of birth, and collection date on the sticker ID. Peel the label from the patient info card and stick the label on the biohazard bag. 

Step 2: Prep your space 

Gently set the collection cup, tube, and napkin on a clean surface. Take the cap off the urine collection cup. 

Step 3: Collect urine sample

Begin urinating into the urine collection cup. Fill until cup is almost full.

Step 4: Close the urine collection cup

Tightly close the cap back on the urine collection cup. 

Step 5: Remove sticker

Peel back the seal to reveal the collection tube hole. 

Step 6: Fill the collection tube 

Without removing the yellow cap, insert the tube into the needle hole. 

Step 7: Press down firmly

The urine will suction into the tube. Remove tube when urine stops flowing. Tube will not leak. 

Step 8: Clean up

Pour any extra urine back into the toilet. Wrap cup, blue cap and unused tube in napkin; throw in garbage. 

Step 9: Secure your sample 

Wrap the absorbent pad around the tube containing your urine. Place the tube and pad in the biohazard bag.

Step 10: Prepare package

Place the biohazard bag into the return mailer. Seal the return mailer. 

Step 11: Mail 

Be sure to send your sample right away. It could expire if not returned immediately. 

Sample collection instructions (blood)

This is a lab test that requires several large drops of blood from your finger. You must FAST before collecting your blood sample (do not eat or drink anything, except water) for at least 9 hours, ideally 12 hours. 

Step 1: Complete your paperwork

Fill in all the spaces on your patient info card. Peel the label from the patient info card and stick it onto the sample pouch. 

Step 2: Warm your hands 

Wash and clean your hands with soap and very warm water. Dry your hands completely. Rub your hands together for at least 15 seconds. This helps to stimulate blood flow. 

Step 3: Choose finger 

Find a spot on the soft side of your finger tip, slightly off-center. 

Step 4: Prep your space

Open the bandage and gauze pad. Take the cap off of the lancet. 

Step 5: Use lancet 

Place the lancet on a flat surface with the red area facing up. Firmly PUSH and HOLD your finger against the red top until it clicks.

Step 6: Bleed into the collection well 

Add drops of blood as you wait for the triangle window to turn red. To keep blood flowing, FIRMLY WIPE the puncture site with the gauze pad. FIRM PRESSURE releases any clotted blood. If you do not provide enough blood, your sample cannot be processed.

If the triangle window does not turn red, use the second lancet. Once the triangle is red, place the bandage on your finger. Throw away lancets in your wastebasket.

Return instructions 

  • Let your blood sample air dry for 15 minutes away from heat and humidity. Keep food, dirt or other contaminants away from your sample.
  • Open the sample pouch by cutting at the v-shaped notch. Do not remove the desiccant packet from the pouch.
  • Place the collection device (that you dripped blood on) inside the sample pouch and tightly seal the pouch. 
  • Place the sealed sample pouch in the prepaid return mailer. Seal the return mailer. Important: Your blood sample is perishable. 
  • Mail your sample the same day you collect it by doing one of the following:
    1. Arrange a pickup for your sample
      1. Contact the shipping carrier listed on your return shipping label to schedule a pickup to return your sample. 
      2. You’ll be asked to provide pickup information including: your tracking number (found on the return shipping label), pickup address, and pickup date and time. 
    2. Find a drop off location for your sample
      1. Visit the website of the shipping carrier listed on your return shipping label to find a drop off location to return your sample.
      2. Be sure that it is not a drop box and that the scheduled times allow the sample to be picked up the same day you collected.
  • Reminder: Please keep note of your tracking number.