Why Physicians Recommend At-Home Screenings

Testing is crucial. In fact, 70% of medical diagnoses require a lab test. People are catching on: about a third to half of consumers are comfortable using at-home diagnostics for various reasons (Deloitte 2020). 

From a care perspective, at-home testing is incredibly valuable for those who live in rural areas or may lack access to traditional healthcare facilities due to lack of access to transportation, insurance, or have busy work schedules.

Prevention is vital, especially in earlier, more treatable stages of disease. Early prevention can significantly reduce the risk of illness, disability, early death, and medical care costs. Even a four-week delay in cancer treatment is associated with a 6 to 13 percent higher risk of death. However, millions go without clinical preventive services that could protect them from developing serious diseases or help them treat certain health conditions before they worsen.

The future of healthcare is meeting people wherever they are. Everly Health has set a new standard of people-focused, diagnostic-driven care that puts patients at the center of their health journey.

-Everly Health Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Liz Kwo, MD, MBA, MPH